Elephant on the Loose

Don’t let media calls rattle you

phoneDo you fear when the news media calls? Is doing an interview near the top of your list of things NOT to do?

If you’re a CEO, manager, business owner or subject matter expert for your organization. You may be called upon to speak to the media. It doesn’t have to be a scary or even unpleasant experience.

If you lack the confidence or think you don’t have the skills to be a good spokesperson, let Contingency Resources help prepare you and your employees for any type of media request.

Chad Doran and Megan Mulholland have a combined 40 years of experience working in local TV, radio and newspaper. They also work with the media in their current roles as spokespeople for their organizations.  Now they’re offering that experience to help train you to be the public face of your organization.

Whether it’s one-on-one training or a group session for several of your employees, Contingency Resources offers a comprehensive media training package that tells you how the media works, what they want from you and how you can use them to help get your message out to your audience. Our training program also features hands-on practical interview experience and feedback.

Need help writing media releases? We can do that too. Whatever your organization needs when it comes to the news media, we can help.

Contact us at chad@contingencyresources.com or megan@contingencyresources.com to set up a free consultation.


Don’t let a PR crisis derail your business

crisisUnited Airlines, Pepsi, Adidas. The names of companies you know and recognize, but for all three companies, their brand was in the headlines in 2017 for all the wrong reasons.

United faced multiple incidents of public shaming with #leggingsgate and a social media backlash after video showed a passenger being dragged off a plane.
Pepsi managed to unite the internet … against the soft drink maker for a tone-deaf ad playing off various protests in 2017 to sell soda.

Adidas came under fire for an email congratulating 2017’s Boston Marathon participants for “surviving the Boston Marathon.” The company of course was not intending to reference the 2013 bombing at the race that killed three people and injured hundreds of others, but it quickly apologized for the insensitive gaff.

If a public relations crisis can severely shame a major corporation, how is your organization prepared?

While you think about what went wrong for those organizations in 2017, you should also be thinking about how your organization is prepared to handle a crisis in 2018. The crisis communication professionals at Contingency Resources are here to help. We are a full-service crisis and communication training firm. We specialize in helping organizations prepare BEFORE a crisis strikes. We teach how you can leverage the news media to your advantage and how to navigate the world of social media.

Visit our website to learn more about how we can help and follow us on Facebook for tips and tricks you can utilize to protect your organization and be crisis ready.

Don’t panic when the press calls

reporter and micDoes the thought of a media outlet calling you, cause you to panic?
“What do THEY want?”
“What did WE do?”
“Why are THEY calling us?”
Did you know that they might actually be calling to do a good story on your business or organization?
Despite what you may have heard, the media isn’t always out to dig up dirt on you. They aren’t trying to catch your employees doing wrong. Sometimes they actually want to help you promote your organization or that new product your business is selling. Working with the media can actually be a very pleasant experience if you know what they are looking for.
Did you know that Contingency Resources provides media training to help you and your organization handle any type of media request?
Give us a call today to schedule a consultation!

Being prepared for a crisis takes practice


If a tornado siren sounded right now and severe weather was affecting your city, you would know what to do, right? You would get to a safe place, with your family. If you cannot get to a small room, like the students do during drills in grade school, you would get down on your knees, and cover your head and neck.

Some businesses and schools also learn what to do if an active shooter enters their building. Run. Hide. Fight.

Why do you know what to do in either of those situations? Because you have practiced and prepared. And practiced and prepared again.

Those are crises and you prepared and practiced for them. Why wouldn’t you do the same for other instances, like an employee theft that became public? A negative viral social media post about bad customer service? The aforementioned tornado ripping the roof off your business? A malware attack affecting your IT system?

You should. Prepare and practice.


Elephant on the loose

It’s a scenario that is potentially funny and dangerous at the same time.
This week, you may have seen the news that an elephant escaped from Circus World in Baraboo, Wis. It’s undoubtedly one of the scenarios Circus World prepares for in its crisis response plan. Thankfully in this instance, it appears as if the elephant was calm and residents were lucky enough to catch a glimpse and enjoyed the pachyderm’s stroll through the town.
Trainers from the museum knew what to do and coaxed the animal back to its home. Its also likely staff were taking other precautions the public did not see to make sure the story didn’t go from feel-good to nightmare.
If the scenario had taken a turn for the worse, Circus World would have had contingency plans in place to mitigate danger to the nearby neighbors and the elephant.  This story had a happy ending, but only because Circus World was prepared.
Have an elephant in your organization that keeps you up at night? Let Contingency Resources help you prepare so you can go back to counting sheep instead of worrying about the elephant that can ruin your organization’s reputation.