Don’t let a PR crisis derail your business

crisisUnited Airlines, Pepsi, Adidas. The names of companies you know and recognize, but for all three companies, their brand was in the headlines in 2017 for all the wrong reasons.

United faced multiple incidents of public shaming with #leggingsgate and a social media backlash after video showed a passenger being dragged off a plane.
Pepsi managed to unite the internet … against the soft drink maker for a tone-deaf ad playing off various protests in 2017 to sell soda.

Adidas came under fire for an email congratulating 2017’s Boston Marathon participants for “surviving the Boston Marathon.” The company of course was not intending to reference the 2013 bombing at the race that killed three people and injured hundreds of others, but it quickly apologized for the insensitive gaff.

If a public relations crisis can severely shame a major corporation, how is your organization prepared?

While you think about what went wrong for those organizations in 2017, you should also be thinking about how your organization is prepared to handle a crisis in 2018. The crisis communication professionals at Contingency Resources are here to help. We are a full-service crisis and communication training firm. We specialize in helping organizations prepare BEFORE a crisis strikes. We teach how you can leverage the news media to your advantage and how to navigate the world of social media.

Visit our website to learn more about how we can help and follow us on Facebook for tips and tricks you can utilize to protect your organization and be crisis ready.

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