Being prepared for a crisis takes practice


If a tornado siren sounded right now and severe weather was affecting your city, you would know what to do, right? You would get to a safe place, with your family. If you cannot get to a small room, like the students do during drills in grade school, you would get down on your knees, and cover your head and neck.

Some businesses and schools also learn what to do if an active shooter enters their building. Run. Hide. Fight.

Why do you know what to do in either of those situations? Because you have practiced and prepared. And practiced and prepared again.

Those are crises and you prepared and practiced for them. Why wouldn’t you do the same for other instances, like an employee theft that became public? A negative viral social media post about bad customer service? The aforementioned tornado ripping the roof off your business? A malware attack affecting your IT system?

You should. Prepare and practice.


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