Are you ready for the unexpected?

prepared imageIt’s not if, but when. The crisis will hit, the media will call and your social media pages will be inundated when you least expect it. Will you be ready to respond?

Contingency Resources is dedicated to helping government agencies, small- and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations prepare, plan and execute their crisis communication plans.

A full-service crisis and communications firm, we can assist clients with:

  • Crisis communication: Creating a plan for when a crisis strikes, mock training and and on-going consultation as needed.
  • Media relations: Get insights into local news operations while learning how to conduct an interview with the media, hold a news conference, hook the media with your message and maintain a relationship with local media.
  • Social media: Get your organization set up on social media and learn how to craft creative posts, monitor feedback, analyze analytics and answer the question why you need to be there.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization prepare its communication plans for the unexpected and build effective relationships with members of the media and the public.